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Installation skills of kitchen modular wire rack

When installing the modular wire shelf, we must install the whole layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life to install. Commonly used, the installation location that we need to use is not far from the place where we cook, in other words, where we can reach out, and we can install or place it in the vacant part of the kitchen.

Because the kitchen is a small place in our family, the installation of the stainless shelving must save space and make reasonable use of the position on the kitchen space, such as on the wall of the kitchen, on the back of the kitchen door and so on. You can increase the kitchen space.

When installing the shelf, the kitchen utensils should be sorted well, the shelf in the market is a variety of, such as what tool rack to put seasoning shelf, leachate rack, and so on, according to their different types of installation in a reasonable position. Lek rack can be installed next to the sink, tool holder can be installed on the corner of the stove, and the calculation of the conditioning shelf is installed near our stir-fry. This reasonable use of each shelf, the wire shelving can save space, the kitchen planning orderly.

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