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How to display the design of the fruit supermarket


Fruit supermarket is usually a small supermarket that deals in fruit. Because of the different kinds of supermarket, no matter the shelf, the style and design scheme of the supermarket are different from other commercial supermarkets. Then,how to choose the display shelf of fruit area? Different areas of the supermarket have different display methods, the corresponding supermarket shelves have different choices. Do you know how to select the fruit shelf after you have a certain understanding of the points to note for display in the fruit section?

1.Consider the basic properties of fruit
Fresh merchandise is more special, not suitable for the use of conventional double-sided supermarket shelf or single-sided supermarket shelf display, must be used for special fruit shelf. 

2.Consider the placement of the fruit
Placing the fruit stand against the wall means that the fruit display is one-sided. Generally suitable for both the rational use of supermarket space, and will not affect the fruit display of one-sided fruit shelves. If it is placed in the middle of the fruit shelf, you can have two options: First, the use of a larger display area of the supermarket double-sided fruit shelf display, convenient for customers to select the desired fruit; Second, the use of supermarket fruit display basket to create fresh heap head, the formation of visual impact on customers.

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