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How to put goods on supermarket shelves


The first display of the entrance, mainly high-end boutique fruit. Such a display not only shows the quality of the supermarket, but also leaves the customer with the "first cause effect" to leave the most beautiful impression.Put the relevant commodity-juice at the bottom of the shelf, so that the shelf does not appear empty.

The entrance passageway is next to the season hot fruit pile head, the quality is cheap and cheap absolutely absorbs the eye, next to the shelf is placed is the big fruit category. It  informs our supermarket fruit display, the big fruit, the small fruit is separated, this facilitates the customer to choose, also appears neat and unified.
The island cabinet is on display. Put boxed juice and some small furnishings on the post, which not only play a decorative role, but also promote the goods; in the island cabinet, put boxed fruit, customers can reach for it, do not need to choose; island cabinet outside the bulk fruit, easy for customers to carefully select.
Pear type display, bulk, box are available, let customers choose freely. The bulk is placed above the shelf, the customer does not have to bend when selecting, the box is placed under the shelf, neatly placed.

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