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The new fruit shelf for sale


Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to keeping in good health. You can see all kinds of fruit stores everywhere. Naturally, you need fruit shelves to open a fruit store, today  we talk about the new fruit shelf.  Fruit Shelf design should pay attention to fresh and natural, pastoral atmosphere, so as to attract more customers from the shelf, so the supermarket shelf type must follow the trend, buy new.

The picture above is the new fruit shelf, in the selection of materials used in the popular combination of steel and wood, steel and wood supermarket shelves are also now popular styles.Shelf selection of metal frame, frame solid, and then through surface treatment, anti-static spray, make this steel wood fruit stand with a different flavor.
The fruit rack is designed for the entire store, and comes in a wide variety of styles, from single-sided wall shelves to double-sided. Our fruit shelves and promotional stands for a wide variety of fruits. This shelf in addition to the above models can also be customized according to the actual needs of the store, so that each customer to buy their own fruit shelf.

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