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Is the outermost item on the supermarket shelf about to expire


Consumers are most concerned about the quality of fresh produce, especially cooked food in supermarkets. Supermarket cooked food management is divided into two kinds, one is the supermarket own management, stock, processing, sales are the responsibility of the supermarket staff; the other is "Joint" , the supermarket only provides space, cooked food processing factory people operating. Some big brand supermarkets, more strict quality control, like their own business; small and medium-sized brands of supermarkets in order to save cost, the use of more joint mode, if the joint venture of the manufacturers unilateral pursuit of profits, quality control is prone to problems. It's more common for employees to rework what they couldn't sell that day, or mix it with something new to sell the next day.

The most sensitive thing for consumers is whether the store shelf life of the goods is over. There used to be a saying on the Internet: Take the goods at the bottom of the supermarket shelves,these goods are new, the outermost is due. This can be done in a few supermarkets, but it doesn't happen in most big supermarkets. The reason is very simple, the supermarket loading workload is so large, loading staff have no time to comply with this rule loading. Moreover, some of the goods turnover very fast, the goods on the shelf to turnover several times a day, the location is no longer important.

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