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Tips for supermarket display shelf placement

It is vital for retail stores and other supermarket stores to sell products. Arranging store shelves can encourage customers to buy more items because it helps them find what they want. In addition to shelving, supermarket displays must be used in the best way possible for store layout and to determine where to place products for purchase. There are many ideas for the placement of each item in order to entice shoppers to buy more by getting their attention.

Strategic placement of items has a huge impact on customer purchases. Expensive products are always placed at the top of the shelf, while those that are popular among people and come to look for it are located lower on the shelf. Items that are most likely to attract customers are placed at eye level. Please read below for more detailed information on the various shelf locations.


Top shelf

The top shelf of a supermarket storage rack is reserved for expensive or items that don't sell a lot. It is the part of the shelf where customers reach fewer places so you can store products such as interior, limited editions, etc. in these areas.

Arrival shelves

These supermarket displays are also known as the shelves that are flush with the line of sight, or the bull's eye, because only the best selling and leading products are placed here. Since most shoppers consider this part of the supermarket to be for buying things, it is considered a premium area. You can also place the next best brand in the area with the best sellers.

Children's aisle

Another trend that shoppers are noticing is the increasing number of children coming to the supermarket with their parents. Therefore, Aceally's storage shelves can hold items that kids will enjoy and can reach out for. Products that cater to children will have a design that is attractive to children, which mainly means more money for your supermarket.

Bottom shelves

Supermarket shelf manufacturers recommend placing large and heavy items on the bottom shelves. In addition, it is easier for customers to lift them from the shelves and carry them to the cash register.

Supermarket display shelves for fresh food

When displaying fresh produce in a supermarket, you need to pay great attention to detail. To catch your customers' eyes, you should consider alternating greens with carrots, bell peppers, etc. To ensure that baked goods are visually appealing, use a black background with displays made of glass. Cover the food with bright fabric to ensure it is visible.

Use supermarket displays for store planning

Milk, curds, eggs, bread and related products should be placed in the farthest corner of the store. This will ensure that customers see more of the products you have in the store, which may entice them to buy more items. Chocolates, magazines, etc. should be placed on the cash register so they can make impulse purchases.

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