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The method of supermarket shelf display


Small shelves hide some great secrets

Supermarket shelves merchandise placement can often affect the sales volume of this commodity to a large extent. In recent years, major businesses are carrying out channel wars and terminal battles, in fact, is competing for the limited shelf resources at the terminal.


Secret 1

Supermarket shelves will be customized according to the number of different layers of goods, generally there are 6 layers, 7 layers. From the top of the 3rd, 4th layer is the best sales shelves, especially the 3rd layer of shelves is generally the largest sales layer. Because the height of this shelf is basically parallel to the consumer's line of sight, the consumer can reach it and it is most convenient for selection.So often the major businesses will also be for these layers of shelves and squeeze the head.

Secret 2

Generally speaking, the location near the entrance displays essential products with low profit and high purchase frequency to attract you to enter the door, such as books, slippers, towels and so on. And alcohol and tobacco and other expensive goods are generally placed in the middle of the supermarket back area.

Secret 3

From the perspective of consumer psychology, people always think that the goods in front of the general supermarket, there are better, so often the more to the end of the more to buy.

Secret 4

General supermarkets, 8:30 to 10:30, the supermarket will usher in 20% of the day's customers, of which nearly 90% are middle-aged and elderly. 18:00 to 20:00 will usher in the day's shopping peak, 50% of customers will choose this time to store in the store, most of them are a busy day at work.

Secret 5

The aisles in supermarkets are generally wide and straight, in order to maximize the "lag time" of consumers in the supermarket and to avoid them taking shortcuts to the checkout counters and exits. Supermarkets also take advantage of people's habit of shopping with the right hand, the most wanted and more profitable products, placed in the main shopping aisle or the right side of the display case, when customers pass, will be some unwanted goods to stimulate the desire to buy, so as to increase the purchase rate of goods.

The three height segments of supermarket shelves

According to the height of the shelf display, the shelf can be divided into three sections.

The middle layer is the easiest height for consumers to get, 70cm-160cm for men and 60cm-150cm for women, this height is known as the prime position, generally used to display the main commodity or the company intends to promote the goods . Of course, the easier to see and get the goods, but also the higher profits of the supermarket goods!

Its excellent position is the middle layer to the upper layer and to the next layer of the height of the lower layer of consumers can get. The next upper layer for men is 160cm - 180cm, women are 150cm - 170cm, the next lower layer for men is 40cm - 70cm, women are 30cm -60cm, generally used to display the second main merchandise, which is located in the second lower layer of goods, customers need to bend knees and stoop to get it. So compared with the two, the second upper layer has more advantages, so it will display a greater proportion of goods;.

Finally, the uppermost and lowermost positions are difficult for customers to reach the height.

The upper layer is about 180cm for men and 170cm for women, which is generally used to display low-margin, complementary and reflective volume goods. The upper end can also have some color adjustment and decorative displays that can attract consumers' eyes.

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