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How to install supermarket shelves?

The emergence of supermarket shelves makes supermarket product placement more reasonable, which is not only convenient for merchants to manage goods, but also beneficial for consumers to purchase similar goods in a group. Various types of Aceally supermarket shelves can realize the reasonable display of goods of different nature such as clothes, shoes, porcelain bottles, stationery, tools and so on. While displaying, it is also showing the brand and products to people, which can invariably produce brand effect.

The premise of reasonable use of supermarket shelves is reasonable installation. So, for the newly purchased supermarket shelves, how should they be installed? What is the specific order?


Installation order of supermarket shelves

Firstly, before installing the supermarket shelves, the construction accuracy of the flooring, the elevation of all the pre-buried parts, the straightness of the rows and columns are measured using a laser meter.

Then determine the datum point according to the installation datum axis, and scribe and set the point according to the requirements. The shelf pieces are erected using lifting tools, fitted with crossbeams, horizontal and vertical ties, etc. and then corrected according to the accuracy requirements.

The supermarket shelf pieces are then installed gradually with the erected supermarket shelves as a benchmark. When the project is about two-thirds of the way through, the stacker cranes can be installed on site.

After the installation, the accuracy of the supermarket shelf installation is tested and the points that do not meet the requirements are corrected until they meet the requirements. The user and the stacker supplier are required to check and inspect the installation quality.

No matter what installation method is chosen, it is of primary importance to ensure the stability of Aceally supermarket shelves, especially in large shopping malls with heavy traffic, so as not to leave safety hazards.

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