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How to select supermarket shelves?


The importance of supermarket shelves

Shelves are essential supplies for every supermarket, with the shelves supermarket goods can be neatly arranged and can be reasonably classified, so that consumers can more easily find the goods they need. The choice of shelves and the interests of the operator is closely related, so we should do a holistic consideration in the pre-selection process..

Supermarket operators ought to choose the color, style, material and size of supermarket shelves according to their store decoration style. There are many colors and styles and of course, the price of different materials is also different. So I suggest asking the manufacturer to give a suitable solution according to the store situation first.


Some useful advice on selecting supermarket shelves.

The quality of the shelves is the key to business interests and safety of use. We are generally concerned about the following aspects.


We must choose the ideal material for our supermarket shelves according to how much weight we want to carry. It is recommended to understand the thickness of the laminate, the thickness of the column and the degree of stability of the bracket arm when purchasing. If the quality of any link is not up to standard, it will affect the subsequent use.

Welding quality

Welding quality is also a very important aspect of the quality of the shelves. The quality of welding can usually be seen at a glance. Large manufacturers have stricter quality control, so it is recommended that you choose a genuine manufacturers.

The uniformity of the painting and the coverage rate

The surface paint is an important means of protecting the supermarket shelves, so you should also pay attention when choosing.

Installation and after-sales service

the general manufacturers will guide the installation, if it is a large supermarket, the manufacturers will send installation technology to the site to guide the installation. General genuine manufacturers are more perfect after-sales service, this also needs to be taken into account.

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